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Future Logistics is a young enterprise that specializes in tailoring logistic solutions for businesses and individuals, with the objective of creating efficient, timely service packages that result in the best possible freight and warehousing fixes.

Established in the year 2016, the Company adheres to a minimalist business model, which in turn maximizes the benefit to the client. Its founder spearheads Future Logistics with a wealth of over a decade experience in the industry of logistics. With this, and his extensive global network, the Company employs only the finest resources and suppliers worldwide to customize each logistical requirement of its clientele.

Here at Future Logistics every individual client is considered an integral part of the business and its success. Regardless of the scope of projects, our customers will be afforded equal facility and precedence.

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I believe in innovation and the need to think beyond the ordinary. We may not need to reinvent the wheel, but we certainly need to invent ways in which to make the cogs turn smoothly. As observed by a French media group, today’s most successful businesses own none of the goods or services provided by them; Facebook creates no content, Uber owns no automobiles, Alibaba harbours no stock, and Airbnb owns no property. A change is taking place, and I am very much excited to be a part of this change that heralds the future. As an interface providing logistic solutions, we at Future Logistics identify and employ only the best suppliers across the boundaries, in order to present to our end clientele a premier service. Operating with minimum staff capacity, I practice a cost effective business model that is efficient, flexible and personal.

Embracing change also means being open to new ideas and concepts, and being adaptive to the challenges that arise in the course of exchanges with the new generation and newer breed of companies. Through all of these, our core competence is to keep it simple as far as the client is concerned. You need us to pick up silk yarn from Zhejiang, have it dyed and spun into scarves in Kashmir, and delivered just in time for the Parisian summer? Consider it done; it’s that simple.

~ Azaam Ahamed ~


As a freight forwarding Company, our emphasis lies on forging lasting relationships both with our clients, and our network of international suppliers. This enables us to tailor solutions that are advantageous to our end consumer.

Our services range from meeting simple requirements such as delivering consignments, to more complex projects such as sourcing a product and moving it across countries or continents. In this respect, Future Logistics is a comprehensive Supply Chain Management arm.

Future Logistics also provides status updates to clients on their dispatches. On request, shipment status updates will be made during crucial stages of the project at hand.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Customs clearing
  • Forwarding
  • Customs brokering
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Sea freight services
  • Air freight services
  • Resource sourcing from international suppliers
  • Client servicing
  • Shop & Ship services
  • Pick & Pack services
  • Door to door delivery
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Equipped with a professional staff, Future Logistics operates on a minimalist business model with key focus on efficiency and flexibility. This affords opportunities to freelance and part time employees with a passion to connect with suppliers and clients worldwide. We are on the lookout for dynamic personnel who are confident about adding value to the entity that is Future Logistics. The Company takes pride in its conducive work environment in which novel ideas and concepts are encouraged, and independence and flexibility are esteemed.

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Future Logistics (Pvt) Ltd
# 32, Joseph Lane,
Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka.

+94 (0)11 258 7668

Future Global Logistics Pte Ltd,
#68,Circular Road,#02-01,Singapore.

+65 8118 3760

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